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1:11 Angels/ the faces and stories

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We flow in and out like the tides, We are a team that has purpose and desire and believes in holding space and taking a stand for everyone who walks through our door. 

Our Story

Opening just two months before a national pandemic closed the US down, this little house has stayed steadfast. Andria quickly shifted from teaching art in a homey room to learning the angles of zoom and created survival art kits for the community of Durham. With a suggested donation for the kits, she was pleasantly surprised to open her computer screen up to at least 20 people, many of whom had no outlets otherwise, and like many of us- more or less stranded to care for a household of people, pets, and maintain their jobs. While Andria's took on some of the most challenging hits, she maintained the vision of 1:11, her dreams, and ensuring there would be a future left for herself , sons, the other children she took in, and the community she envisioned this Space for. The Results? Amazing, she cleared the pandemic coming out as a single mother, sole proprietor, and now a non profit visionary- hosting a house with participants and moderators coming in daily to have an opportunity to try out their new talents, explore their curiosities or just sit and decompress while they find themselves again. Our list grows every day, and I will do my best to honor these people as they are the energy of 1:11, while some choose not to be posted on our Angel wall, these are some of our integral heartbeats- that without them Andi would have surely lost hope. These people are her fuel and keep her tank going - so everyone GETS TO WIN!

Meet The Team


Åndria Linn

Coming Soon

Erin Dawson

Coming Soon Neon Light

Jaime Chandra

Coming Soon Neon Light

Sherri Zimmerman

Coming Soon Neon Light

Coming Soon

Betina Huntwork

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