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Dandelion Dream


"Today as every day, the sun sets and rises... Flowers bloom throughout the area... But they are not yesterday's flowers... Yet today's flowers are just as beautiful... " --Ginko

Melissa Pulis Wakeman

My name is Melissa and I live and create on the shores of Minot Massachusetts. From the fields of Iowa as a child I have now found myself on the beautiful shores of the Atlantic with galaxies of colors at my feet. Beauty is all around us and nature was calling and leaving me love notes of inspiration to share with all of you. This art is my Big Magic. When all seemed dark, scary and hard the beach was my breath. And that breath became my canvas. Using the rocks, driftwood and shells and treasure I find on our beaches I create stories of healing and love.


My Story

It is my hope that my art will spread joy to others. For it is in the sharing of the gift that the magic of art is found for me. May my art provide smiles, comfort, respite and inspiration. And most of all Hope. Hope for better tomorrows, and that we may all cherish the beauty of this place we call home. It is all around us even in the most ordinary things.


Every single rock gets picked up for a reason. Some are old favorites that will get picked up and searched for many times to help me tell a story. Others are just too beautiful to pass by. Some only show off their beauty when placed amongst others. Each one holds a story of shape, color, lines, holes and waves. Shaped and tossed through the ocean, crabs and sand. Brushed up and stacked by small hands. Feet stomping through their rounded edges. Whole galaxies inside and brushed across their surfaces. Our beach is full of magic and love. My favorite finds are all of the hearts. You will find them sprinkled throughout my work. Sometimes you have to search for them but they are always there. Gifts from the sea. My children and friends enjoy seeing how many of them they can find in the pictures.


I get asked a lot about the scale of the images I create. The original studio piece of Support Net of Hope was 3.5ft x 8ft! I love working big and impermanently. The shifting and moving of the rocks is therapeutic and a form of meditation.

A Glimpse of the Process

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