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Planets DO Talk! Instructor: Sage

Astrology course for beginners with little or no knowledge.

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Instructor: Author Sherri (Sage) Zimmerman START DATE MAY 2022 In this informative & fun course, you will learn the 4 basic steps in how to successfully read an astrological chart. We will utilize YOUR chart throughout this course as well, unless you choose otherwise. Making Learning Fun! Moon: Where IS your Moon? Learn how & why (by sign & house placement) YOU express deep emotions, and how you connect with the invisible world of the psychic realm. The Moon also represents one's mother and how you perceived her - according to your perception growing up (and often still do). Mars: How IS your Energy moving? Learn about planet Mars & how YOU or someone you love, utilizes a specific type of action-oriented (energy) in getting things done, represents our motivation, and also how anger is expressed & what ways can be best dealt with. (In a woman's chart, we can see what kind of man she is attracted to & admires). Venus: How do YOU (or Loved one) give & receive love? Learn about Venus, that offers information on our values in life, what makes us happy, type of female relationships we treasure (In a man's chart, we can see what kind of women he is attracted to & admires). Saturn: How do YOU require structure in life? Or negatively, unnecessarily restrict yourself? Learn about Saturn and the ways in which you might find comfort and safety in regards to having needed confines in place to move through the world, or reversely, how you might be sabotaging yourself due to deep conditioning of  overly restrictive training from someone else (typically someone older than yourself). *4th house; one's early childhood experience, type of home environment one feels most comfortable in order to relax. This house is one of the psychic houses. If one has many planets here, there is a strong leaning of intuitive abilities. *5th house; showing how YOU or someone you love, takes risks, expresses creativity, & most definitely the style in which one likes to be romanced! This house also talks about aspects of one's first born child. *12th house; the unconscious mind of what we keep hidden (sometimes unknown to ourselves), night dreams, how we might imprison ourselves both inwardly & outwardly! It is another psychic house. If have many planets here, most likely you have prophetic dreams & be wise to record them. These are just a few of what we will learn in this course! Hope you'll join us! Any questions, please contact Sage (Sherri) *919-664-2469

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