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April Wagner

I built Insights Boutique to be everyone's local divination place. Though my first and greatest love is tarot, Insights explores oracles from around the world from western astrology to Norse runes to African shells to eastern astrology. We aim to help everyone find the method that will shine the brightest light for them. We specialize in vintage, small press and otherwise rare tarots and divination tools, items you won't find in the usual metaphysical store. In addition, we have many hard to find occult books, a few easy to find classics for students, and an active calendar of classes and events. Our brand is vintage and our mission is modern. Oracles for all!


Insights is happy to be celebrating one year in North Carolina, and I am ready to launch new and old classes and workshops after being shut up with the kids on Zoom. I'm looking for new friends who can help me grow my audience, and I've been blessed so far to get to hang out at 1:11 and turn some new folks on to tarot. I really believe we can help each other much going forward. I've been excited to meet other artists and oracles that I hope to include in my own brand and vision as we grow. In Chicago and later on Zoom I taught a popular beginner tarot course and I've recently launched an advanced class with more in the works. Please read more about why my tarot and rune classes are unique and fun at and in our shop. See all events at

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My Story

I wasn’t born with any psychic abilities to speak of. I never saw angels or ghosts as a child. I didn’t learn tarot or witchcraft from my grandmother. I’m just a Hoosier who was lucky enough to get a “new age” shop in her small town at a formative time. The original Insights shop has long since disappeared like Brigadoon, but it left a lasting impression for a few of us who were searching for something the dozens of churches in town couldn’t provide. I found my first tarot at Insights, Tarot of the Spirit, at age fourteen. Soon after I bought a Waite-Smith deck like millions before me and then received The PoMo Tarot as a gift making the beginnings of a pretty large collection today. Read more here.


Explore my website to learn more about divination and magic, and contact me for information about private readings, classes, events and anything in the boutique.

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