About 1:11 Art and Healing Space

This amazing 4 room house has been transformed to be a space of connection, community, personal growth, exploration through the creative and healing arts and a space to relax and feel at home, to release, play and heal. Our hope is that you find a common place amongst this growing collective and are able to express yourself freely!

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The desire to create is in all of us. Whether it be painting, dance, music, writing, or just making a joyful noise it needs a space to come out! Many of us are withheld by anxiety or fear of failure. 1:11's goal is to assist in helping you find a place to express and find your voice through creating, or being a recipient of the magic art creates.


We aim to be an inspiration and a network for making dreams reality and be a meeting space for all worlds. We want to create a place of safety and community for all creatives to feel comfortable to express themselves and encourage facilitating each others talents while also nurturing each person's journey with openness and validation as we journey our paths to understanding our place in this world and on this planet.