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Fantasy Flowers

1:11 Art & Healing 

Kids,Teens & Adults

We are offering after school art classes this year!

Magic Earth Camp

"Believe in the magic of creativity, art, & folklore"

With all the right materials, and the perfect magical environment, your child can manifest their wildest creations into reality.

Morning sessions ages 8yrs.-up for the seriously curious.

Afternoon workshops and play available for all ages- including adults!

2 seperate weeks of endless fantasy projects in store!
(1 wk. 2 wk. 1/2 day, full day)
This magical Art camp will allow your child’s imagination to run wild with the most odd and amazing materials to create:
  • AI generated self portraits for mix media paintings,

  • Oogly goblin buddies or Fairies

  • Masks or headdresses

  • Walking staffs & Wands

  • Foraging and muddling to create dyes

  • Antiquing and aging cicada wing & mulberry paper to create maps, magic books or journals

  •  Fairy house nightlights or ogre dens

It sounds like we are conjuring up an exceptional journey into a world where fae rule. There is nothing your child can’t create to their hearts content while learning applicable, and challenging, fine art skills as they figure out how to strategize and create a fantasy world with peers. Full Day:Your youth can choose their own adventure in the afternoons with game playing, game crafting, fort building , or just relaxing and listening to flutes, reading, and creating forts outside.

Week 1: June 17-21

Week 2: June 24-28

Week 1: July 8-12

Week 2: July15-19

Week 1 and 2 are different curriculum, but interchangeable and it's not necessary to have been in week 1 to do week 2

We can't wait to unleash the magical creations with your kids!

Please SHARE with friends and family!

Need an afternoon crash pad for your kiddos?
We Have afternoon  drop ins for recreation in a creative space and will be offering a menu of afternoon add-ons
Fantasy Flowers

Art w/Andi 
Thursday Night Art Club

Thursday nights 6:30-8:30

Andi is offering a steady weekly class where the more serious art explorations can happen!


With over 30 years of experience in fine art, craft, sculpture, construction, paper, paint, pen, mixed media, metal, framing, and displaying work, there’s not much Andria isn’t able to help guide you in or learn with you! In this class you’ll get to expand your interest, learn new art forms in a slower, more in depth study, learn art vocabulary, and pursuits in a fun environment with all the supplies at your fingertips. Some of our projects may require extra material costs but they will be offered at wholesale so we can enjoy and experiment together. If an art style is desired that is unfamiliar territory, we will find someone to teach us or go to them ( field trips)! Let’s keep learning together- you never know what might open up for you and your potential in the art world.

This is a monthly membership of $100 due at the first of every month. Drop ins for observation welcome, but participation in that class cannot be guaranteed if we’re in the middle of a project ( we will plan to begin a new series every first week of the month). 

French Corner.jpg

After School Art Classes with Andi

After school art is currently closed. Please contact Andi for more information.

Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:30. $150/month.

Welcome Grades 4 - 9!
Andi will be hosting classes on Wednesdays for 90 minutes of extra curricular art for the young artist. These weekly classes will entail learning about a new artist every month and working with a variety of projects, mediums, and styles. Not only is this an opportunity to grow your creative mind, but to create a portfolio that will lend itself to opening doors for what lies ahead in high school and art-intensive college prep programs.

We’d love feedback from your kiddo on their favorite artist when you enroll them!

We will explore all genres of art: Drawing, Design and Sculpture

(We will not be doing Computer Graphics)

Blue with Colorful School Supplies World Art Day Facebook Post (788 × 940 px).png
Art class Try this.webp

Try This! 

Hi there and welcome to your journey in exploring a multitude of mediums, art terminology, theory and how they all work together to create amazing visual results.


You will find a projected itinerary here. I do work intuitively, so if a project needs to go another direction or we need more time playing we will do exactly that. The emphasis is FUN and enjoying our time together and about the experience NOT the result.


I am a Creative Coach, so if anything comes up along our journey and you need some one on one- please reach out! I love new ideas and exploring with people I'm connecting with, so please don't hesitate to probe my 27 years of self taught failures and successes to make that creative idea become reality!


When this course is complete, we will switch into a regular weekly art class based on a monthly membership rate. I look forward to our time together at the studio! 


Introductory course with all materials and supplies included. 

8 week course: $375

Beginning Tuesdays 9am -11 April 2-May 14

Wednesday Mornings Art with Andi ("Wednesday Morning Wenches")
An art club for Continuing education, Women 40up

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