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An art & healing Space

3409 University Dr



A safe space for creativity, community and connection.
please enjoy browsing our site and find out how you can help keep our vision alive by becoming a sustainer or member of the amazing 1:11 community.

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Wooden Fence

We're building a fence & need your help!

Around this time every year we host our biggest fundraiser. In the past its been for anything paper products to coincide with Andi's (the founder) Tea Party. This year due to our growing kid participation outside playing and a need for more visibility and less trash blowing across the lawn we are anticipating building a pretty fence to protect and enhance our pretty house. Click the link below- we've made it super easy;-)

Wooden Fence

Become a sustainer or member today!

Upcoming and Ongoing events calendar click here!

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artwork credit: "Oz" Matt Terry

3409 University Dr
Durham, NC 27707
Hours vary - always available by appointment!Feel free to text first. 

 What does 1:11 mean?

Seeing the number 1:11 is the beginning of is an opportunity to let go and start new, to invest in yourself and your soul's true path. At 1:11 Art and Healing, we honor where you are now and provide a safe place you become your true self.


"We booked the funnest art party here! Åndria is a great teacher"

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