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Andria Linn

Åndria Linn (Andi/Golden Sun) is the heart and soul behind 1:11. Master of fine arts and over 20 years of experience working philanthropically in the community of Durham. She openly teaches her artistic styles in a fun atmosphere (Soirees), creative coaching for people who want to manifest their gifts, and does one on one intuitive art/healing for all ages. Her goal is to assist in releasing anxiety, trauma, dysphoria, pain, memory loss through creative innovations.

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Art with Andi

Andria (Andi) offers different painting options every Wednesday evenings. Capping attendance at 8 persons lends itself to creating new relationships with others and what you are creating as she is able to give more hands on guidance. Bring your favorite evening beverage and come explore! You will leave with a mini masterpiece.

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