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1:11 Sustainer Campaign

Dear Friends, Family, and Community,


What does 1:11 mean to people? Here is what one member of our community told me:


“1:11 has saved my life. After the isolation of living alone during COVID, I was desperate to connect with people and find a creative outlet. I often feel like I don’t fit in, but I have found my own community of “misfits” at 1:11. I feel loved and appreciated for who I am and what I bring to the space.” 


We are working hard to get grants and have established a Board or Directors to raise more revenues so 1:11 can keep the doors open for our mission to assist in helping people find a place to express and find their voice through creating, pursuing their dreams, or being a recipient of the magic that the visual and healing arts create.


Our plan is to become completely sustainable within the next 12 months. But until then, we need your help.


Please consider donating or becoming a 1:11 angel to help us make an impact on people’s lives.


We are asking for a contribution of either $132 dollars for this year, or a contribution of $11 a month for the next 12 months.


Click the link below that says DONATE. If there is some other amount you would like to contribute, the link will let you choose another amount. Or you can make checks payable to: 1:11 Art and Healing Space. Mail/3409 University Drive, Durham NC 27707.

Your contribution will be much appreciated to help us get to fully sustainable within the next 12 months.  



Åndria (Andi) Linn

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