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Join us weekly (Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:30 pm) for serious art exploration in a fun environment.


Andi is offering a steady weekly class where the more serious art explorations can happen!


With over 30 years of experience in fine art, craft, sculpture, construction, paper, paint, pen, mixed media, metal, framing, and displaying work, there’s not much Andria isn’t able to help guide you in or learn with you! In this class you’ll get to expand your interest, learn new art forms in a slower, more in depth study, learn art vocabulary, and pursuits in a fun environment with all the supplies at your fingertips. Some of our projects may require extra material costs but they will be offered at wholesale so we can enjoy and experiment together. If an art style is desired that is unfamiliar territory, we will find someone to teach us or go to them ( field trips)! Let’s keep learning together- you never know what might open up for you and your potential in the art world.

This is a monthly membership of $100 due at the first of every month. Drop ins for observation welcome, but participation in that class cannot be guaranteed if we’re in the middle of a project ( we will plan to begin a new series every first week of the month).

Thursday Night Art Club

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Thursday Art Club
Monthly Subscription
$100.00every month until canceled
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